Outside Boiler Service

Today saw the boiler service of an oil fired boiler housed in at outdoor cabinet at a small bungalow in Bradford Abbas, Dorset. The boiler was installed approximately 6 years ago but the owner had reported excessive oil consumption resulting in higher oil bills and inefficient heating.

I carried out a standard service checking the condition of all components including supply lines, expansion vessel and baffle plates. All were in good condition but the the pump pressure was wrong and a test of the flue gasses confirmed that the boiler was very inefficient. After tuning the pressure, fuel and oxygen levels I arrived at my preferred mix of 11% CO2 and 6% Oxygen producing a near perfect burn.

Since the service the owner has reported less smelly fumes from the flue, lower oil consumption and a central heating system that is quicker to reach temperature – an all round more efficient and economical system.

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