Fixing a bad installation

This week has certainly been interesting! I was called on by a new customer in Somerton, Somerset to investigate problems with a new boiler installation in their garage carried out by a different heating engineer, the customer reported that the boiler wasn’t running correctly and that rain water was leaking in to the garage.

My initial investigation revealed some alarming problems with the existing installation. Issues with the pipe work explained the problems with the way the boiler was running but it was the installation of the flue that caused the most concern. The previous engineer had cut two of the main joists supporting the roof to allow the flue through but made no provision for supporting the roof afterward, just leaving it hanging!! A quick check outside confirmed that the rain water leaks were due to a lack of a proper cowling around the flue as it exited through the roof. A

To resolve the issues I have remade the pipework feeding to and from the boiler, reworked the roof joists to ensure the roof remains properly supported while still leaving space for the flue and have spent half a day creating a bespoke lead cowling to ensure the customer will not¬†experience any further problems with the roof leaking. Whilst this has been very satisfying work and the customer is very happy it’s frustrating to find work left like this by other engineers. It always pays to invest in quality workmanship!

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